Four Old Songs, (EP download)

These are four of our favorite old cover songs to play, so we thought we would record them for you to enjoy as well.

Released June 2013

100% Foot Stompin’ Cigar Box Rock n’ Roll

12 songs of 100% Foot Stompin’ Cigar Box Rock n’ Roll for your earholes. Straight forward, recorded in 8 hours, mostly one-takes, to stay true to the home-made sound.

Released July 25th, 2011 all songs © The Budrows

Whatcha hear is whatcha get, Demo EP

This is our 8 song demo, recorded in just over 2 hours at 2nd Floor Studios in Fountain Valley, CA. BONUS TRACK with full album download. Thanks to Dave Williams for donating his time and studio to record these songs.


1.heart of man – 2:53
2.pile o’ bones – 1:46
3.johnny coldheart – 3:21
4.into the fire – 3:18 luck at all – 3:08
6.mary’s world – 2:41
7.little mister – 1:45
8.tinsel song *bonus*

Released July 13th, 2010 All songs © The Budrows