The Budrows : [/'bûh-drôhz] (pronounced like Bud-weiser)

noun, slang

  1. Good Buddies
  2. Friends
  3. 100% Foot Stompin’ Cigar Box Rock n’ Roll Band
drawing of microphone, shakers and tambourine

Macarena Rivera

drawing of cigar box guitar and kick drum

Jason Farthing

hand drawn sketch of harmonica and flute

Jesse V. Boden


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Four Old Songs, (EP download)

These are four of our favorite old cover songs to play, so we thought we would record them for you to enjoy as well.

Released June 2013

100% Foot Stompin’ Cigar Box Rock n’ Roll

12 songs of 100% Foot Stompin’ Cigar Box Rock n’ Roll for your earholes. Straight forward, recorded in 8 hours, mostly one-takes, to stay true to the home-made sound.

Released July 25th, 2011 all songs © The Budrows

Whatcha hear is whatcha get, Demo EP

This is our 8 song demo, recorded in just over 2 hours at 2nd Floor Studios in Fountain Valley, CA. BONUS TRACK with full album download. Thanks to Dave Williams for donating his time and studio to record these songs.


1.heart of man – 2:53
2.pile o’ bones – 1:46
3.johnny coldheart – 3:21
4.into the fire – 3:18 luck at all – 3:08
6.mary’s world – 2:41
7.little mister – 1:45
8.tinsel song *bonus*

Released July 13th, 2010 All songs © The Budrows

Check out some of Chris Bashaw’s handy work in these photos…he is available for hire, very reasonable, very professional, and very good.

Jason on the One-String by Chris Bashaw







Here are few from the Fete de la Musique in Laguna Beach, June 16th, 2012. by our good friend, Belen Tangona.

The Budrows in Laguna BeachLaguna Beach Fete de la Musique




Macarena in Laguna Beach


The Budrows at The Redwood Bar, by Farah SosaJason on the one stringer by Farah SosaJesse blowin' harp by Farah Sosa

Photos from The Redwood Bar

May 9th, 2012

by Farah Sosa

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A Handmade Sound from a Downhome Band – Laguna Beach Independent, 8-10-2012

soundbox guitarsFor the uninitiated, cigar box guitars, which hail from an old folk tradition in the South, are homemade guitars assembled from a variety of local materials, the body being a discarded cigar box. “It’s a found object style,” Farthing says.

Justin Swanson – Laguna Beach Independent


CD review – The Budrows –, 8-15-2011

That’s it. That’s why you need this album. It’s a friggin’ cigar box guitar band with a sassy chick singer and a dude that pulls out a flute every once in a while. IT’S REFRESHING. Imagine Ian Anderson sitting in with the Burnsides and having a young hip girl singing. I love it.

- Shane Speal, King of the Cigar Box Guitar


Smokin’ Lil’ Cigar Box Guitars – Ten57 Magazine, 4-19-2012

By its nature, the cigar-box guitar is historically – and for lack of a better term – a “poor man’s” instrument, with its roots dating back to the mid-1840s. Although individuals who crafted cigar-box guitars, fiddles, banjos and other chordophone instruments may have lacked money to buy the “proper” versions, they were not lacking in their thriftiness, resourcefulness or ingenuity – traits that Farthing seems to possess.

- Chris Basshaw, Photojournalist


FatCat Radio Exclusive: World Premiere from The Budrows, 7-25-2011

FatCat Radio, the best independant rock and blues on the internetThe FatCat Radio Network is proud to present the exclusive world premiere of 100% Foot Stompin’ Cigar Box Rock N Roll – the debut album by The Budrows (Laguna Beach, CA) . Tune in to hear the new album for the 1st time anywhere – along with commentary from the band thru out the day…

…A tremendous turnout for the debut of The Budrows album. Biggest listening day of 2011 w/ confirmed listeners from 13 different countries (and 16 states) . Awesome…

- Swede Dahlgren, FatCat Radio


“Sweet Home Laguna” – Coastline Pilot, Laguna Beach, 9-10-2010

The blend of Farthing’s handmade cigar box guitar, kick drum and tambourine and Rivera’s powerful voice, captures the sound of that “down home, front porch delta blues.”

- Ashley Breeding – Coastline Pilot


Cigar Box Blues to Stomp Santa Ana…, – New Santa Ana, 11-11-2011

NEWS SANTA ANA, online magazine

Even the Devil get the Blues Cigar Box GuitarSure as molasses is slow, this band has the ability to transform any venue into a bonafide deep south juke joint, complete with a foot-stompin’, testifyin’ audience…

-Jason Schwartz

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Mix one part cigar box guitar with foot stomping beat, add a heaping scoop of blues harp, sprinkle liberally with washboard percussion and top with searing female vocals. Turn up loud, and serve with Whiskey for a good time.

Jason Farthing – cigar box guitar, gas can banjo, suitcase kick drum/tambourine
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Macarena Rivera – vocals, washboard, tambourine, shakers
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Jesse V. Boden – harmonica, flute
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